Available for Individual, Private 1-1 Coaching

What You Need to Know...

You can CHANGE the strategy and approach to reach your child. 

You can IMPROVE your ability to communicate and the actions you take.

You can BOUNCE BACK from this rejection and reclaim your life and relationship.

You can REBUILD your efforts to save the relationship you have with your child.

Someone has to remind you that:

✔  No matter what has happened to you - there is a perspective that can help you understand the situation differently.

 ✔ No matter what obstacles stand in your way - you can use new words, skills and strategies to help change your child's mind.

✔ No matter what you're up against  - you deserve someone in your corner guiding and supporting you.


Once you understand that the alienator isn't going to change, only YOU have the power to make a difference - everything changes.

Once that belief is backed with tools and strategies to take action - you become unstoppable.


As an alienated child who discovered the truth and reunited, I have the unique opportunity to guide you on the best ways to reach your child.

I understand how your child thinks because I WAS your child. 

 I know what will attract them TO you, instead of push them away. 

 I can guide you on the subtile, often counter-intuitive differences in your words that can either create PROGRESS or major setbacks.

Now, I'm excited for the opportunity for you and I to work together, in private 1-1 coaching calls to give you the individual attention and guidance you need.

So many parents write and say to me, "Ryan, I wish I found you 3 years ago, things might have been different..."

If you've been dealing with alienation for a while, it's NEVER to late to try a new approach!

If alienation is just starting, PLEASE don't wait, get support as soon as you can. (Even if it's not from me.)



"You Are Absolutely Brilliant"

Ryan, you are absolutely brilliant and I am so glad you are my coach. Your help in communicating with my alienated children has been life changing. This has been the best investment I have made in my long battle to have a relationship with my children. Your words, your advice, and your guidance have helped me so much and I can't thank you enough.

- Al, Alienated Parent/Private Coaching Client

"So Great to Have You to Rely On"

Ryan, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your advice. Your ability to articulate what is going on in my adult daughter's mind and what actions I can take is remarkable. Your poise and professionalism is a true blessing in my life. It's so great to have you to rely on. 

Karen, Alienated Mom/Private Coaching Client

Our coaching is focused 100% on YOU and your needs. This could include...

How to communicate with your child and the right words to use.

◥ How to get started repairing the relationship - what you can do RIGHT NOW (no matter how bad it is.)

◥ How to create progress even if you have little to NO contact with your child - there is always a way.

◥ How to prepare for upcoming events, situations, meetings, etc.

◥ How to create a plan to follow to regain trust and get your child to communicate again.

* I work with parents who have children from all age ranges. From little kids to young adults, even those in their late 20's and 30's.

* I also work with parents who are also alienated grandparents or who have a loved one that's been turned against them. Everyone deserves a solution to help reconnect!

As a private coaching client, you receive all of the following:


  Private 1-1 Coaching/Consulting Calls Customized support that is based 100% on your specific situation.

 Access to Ryan's Online Calendar to automatically schedule your call(s) and get reminders.

 INSTANT Booking allows you to book Ryan on his calendar, eliminating emails back and fourth. If Ryan is available, you can book him right away! 

 Get Direct Guidance on communication you are sending or receiving from your child.

 Step-By-Step Advice on your best approach and strategies to create progress.

 Call Recording Option - Each call can be recorded and the audio emailed to you for review (upon request)

 International Number Provided If you live outside the US you will be provided a "Local Country Code" to avoid any international calling rates.

 Instant Access to Video Training when you join Ryan's Private Coaching.

 Private Facebook Community - You'll be able to join Ryan's secret Facebook Community and communicate with others.



Ryan helps save parent-child relationships in over 25 countries by giving parents a step-by-step roadmap of exactly what to say or do based on their specific situation.

Ryan uses over two decades of communication expertise and real-life experiences as an alienated child who lost decades with his Dad to help others. After finally reuniting in his late 20’s, Ryan gives parents and professionals an insider perspective on what goes in inside the child’s mind, and how to reach them.

Through private coaching and online programs, Ryan works with a variety of high-profile individuals, celebrities, and parents dealing with high-stakes custody battles, divorce aftermath, and long-term rejection.

Ryan is the Founder of The Reconnect Center, the worldwide hub to save parent-child relationships. He is the author of The Alienated Mind and Sabotaged. He is the founder of the Reconnect Academy a 6-week online training program and creator of RyanThomasTV.com an online TV network offering real hope and real solutions.

Ryan travels the world as a highly sought after speaker, and LIVE workshop presenter. His mission is simple, give parents the strategy, tools, guidance, and support to preserve or rebuild the relationship with their child.

"Completely Changed How I Communicated"

I was reunited with both my children after being shut out for years after divorce. I transformed how I showed up in their life and used Ryan's strategies to completely change how I communicated with them and talked with them. I now have my children back in my life, thank you Ryan so much for helping to change my life!

 Toni, Reunited Mom in Australia

"Repaired Relationship with Children After 4 Years of Silence"

Ryan helped me repair the relationship with my 2 daughters after a high-conflict divorce. I was rejected for 4 years with no contact or visitation and it was heartbreaking. With Ryan's help and strategy we reunited and work on strengthening our relationship everyday.

Ron, Dad Who Reconnected with His Children.

 How will I schedule my calls with Ryan? As a private coaching client, you will have access to Ryan's online calendar. You can easily schedule weekly or biweekly calls or whatever you need based on your situation. Once scheduled, you'll get automatic text and email reminders with the call-in information. 

When I enroll in private coaching, what happens next? First, you'll be taken to an online portal which contains all your call details. Second, you'll gain access to Ryan's online calendar. When you schedule your first appointment you'll fill out a pre-session questionnaire to give more details about yourself and your situation. Third, you'll see video coaching/training content waiting for you.

✪ Who is this private coaching best for? Ryan coaches a wide variety of parents trying to save or repair the relationship with their children. 

Will I work with Ryan personally? YES! You work with Ryan directly for your coaching, not one of his team members. This is personalized attention for you and the transformation of your relationship.

Can you guarantee any results? Unfortunately there are no guarantees in life so NO, I can not guarantee any results of any kind. What I can promise you is that I will give you every ounce of energy and guidance I have to help you. I truly believe the perspective and strategies I bring you in this coaching will help you transform.

More questions? Email Support@RyanThomasSpeaks.com

Choose the Best Plan For You

Because Ryan offers a variety of both free and paid online trainings where he can help parents on a large scale, at one time, his Private Coaching is a Premium Service. Ryan offers a variety of options to fit your needs. Enrollment is extremely limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

(6) Calls + Group Coaching + Help Desk + Video Training

(6) Private Coaching Calls

*(6) 60-minute coaching call with Ryan on the phone working together to design a course of action specifically for your situation. Calls can be recorded & emailed. Local numbers provided for international callers. Schedule using Ryan's online calendar upon registration. ($2,000 Value)

Group Coaching Calls

(2) Group Coaching Calls every month. All calls recorded and international numbers are provided for members outside the US. 2 Months Access ($500 Value)

Help Desk Voice Messages

Access to the Help Desk. Submit your questions to Ryan questions about your situation 24/7 and receive a voice message response with guidance and advice. 2 Month Access. ($1594 Value)

Bonus Video Training

Gain access to a variety of training videos from Ryan to prepare you for your call and learn new strategies before you even pick up the phone. ($450 Value)

* Bank of Calls to use whenever you need within 6 months. ** Important to note, with the "Bank of Calls" your time can be flexible. Meaning, you may just need a check-in conversation with Ryan that only requires a 30 minute call. Your remaining 30 minutes can be banked and used later. So while we refer to them as (6) 60 minute calls, you really have the total amount of time, that can be divided up as YOU need.

TOTAL: $1,997 ($4,544 Value)

Alternative Options...

4 Calls

  • (4) 60 Minute Phone Calls
  • 1-1 Coaching/Consulting
  • Access to Ryan's Online Calendar
  • INSTANT Booking
  • Guidance for Your Situation
  • Call Recording Available
  • Bonus Training Videos
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Local Numbers for International Callers

TOTAL: $997

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