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As an alienated parent, you are probably cut out of your child's major life events...birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays and more.

Your heart aches as you watch everyone else celebrate while you are shut out. Holidays, Milestones & Events can help you cope.

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What's Included:

7-Day Online Video Training Course

This online training course is designed specifically to help alienated families cope while others are celebrating. Discover strategies to heal, communicate, exactly what you should be sending for a gift to your child and what the message attached should say. If you’re an alienated parent or family member who gets shut and you need guidance OR you have some access to your child, but it’s high-conflict and need advice, this program is for you.

Bonus 1: Downloadable Book/Workbook

You'll receive access to downloadable your book/workbook. Each section has specific questions and exercises, so you can take the strategies and apply it to your situation specifically and because everyone learns differently, you’ll be able to read the complete book as well. You'll also hear from my Dad, Leo Thomas as he delivers the foreword with his experiences during these times, and advice for how to get through it.

Bonus 2: Audio Book - Mp3 Download

You'll be able to download the complete mp3 audio book as well! Now, you can listen on the go anytime you need during these emotional times.

Bonus 3: Online Workshop - Creating a Breakthrough

Your number one priority is still to be able to make progress with your child and get them to start seeing the truth. So I’m also including a third bonus. I’m including access to a 60-minute online workshop to help you create massive discovery in your child. I’ll show you how to create a Breakthrough with your alienated child even if you have little to no contact with them.


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What Other Parents Are Saying About Ryan's Guidance:

Biggest Breakthrough in Years!

“Ryan, I took your suggestion and my son agreed to sit at the dinner table every other visit. (Which he did) THEN, he started having dinner and talking with me on the other days as well. This is the biggest breakthrough I’ve had in years…We kind of felt like a normal family for a little bit.” – Jennifer 


Your Advice Worked For Me!

“I am spending Christmas with both my children…It finally feels like home again and I feel like a Mom again!! Your advice worked for me Ryan!!! Thank You so much.” - Sherry


My Son Responded!

“I did just what you said and contacted my son...and a miracle happened. After 3 years of dead silence, he responded! Thank You" – Diane

Holiday’s Together after 14 Years!

“This will be a Christmas to remember for our family! Spending the holidays with my daughter after 14yrs! Through your experiences Ryan, it has helped me push along the way and not to give up! Thank You.” - Rhonda


So Many Miracles

Ryan! I have seen so many miracles after implementing your plan/suggestions. I am so grateful for you!”  - Amy


Videos Will Go Down in History

“I believe these videos will go down in history as the key for people to understand alienation. The American Psychological Association just has no clue yet. After years of being on the receiving end of this from the alienating parent and the regime and after being not quite able to put my finger on this, it really brings a lot of personal resolution and explains lots of things that I had not realized were all related. Thank you so much.”– Howie


Changing My Family Tree!

“I’ve read many books on PA and I think your program is the best source of information and tools I have found. I will always be grateful to you. You are changing my family tree for the better!!”– Josh S. 

Now I Understand

“I can relate to this and now understand the mistakes I made in dealing with my situation. I’ve said this before but I know that my actions played right into my ex wife’s hands.”– Brian

All I Can Say is Wow

“Thank you Ryan! all I can say is wow!! This is helping me understand so much! I have tried many times to get back into my son’s life since he was 5 and now I understand how he was feeling and what was going on in his mind!”– Bobi

Hour Long Conversation

“Ryan, I used some of your questions via text message and what resulted was an hour long conversation with my son! So I want to thank you!”– Josh

Reunited with 2 Children

"Thanks to your amazing guidance and advice I’m not reunited with 2 of my 3 children. I can’t tell you how much you and your program has changed my life. I am forever grateful." - Ron


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