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As part of Guidance Group Coaching, you get:

  • Two exclusive Group Coaching Calls every month.  These members only calls allow you to get help with your communication, strategy, mindset, and how to make progress.

  • LIVE Trainings. I start every call with a LIVE training that will help you see things different, and give you a different approach to get closer to your child.
  • Get Answers to YOUR Questions. You have the ability to ask me as many questions as you want, and get my detailed advice and support on your specific situation, so you’ll never go-it-alone. 
  • I'll Review YOUR Communications. Send any notes, messages, cards, gifts you want to give to your child and I'll advise you on exactly the right things to say or do.
  • I'll Review Messages SENT TO YOU. You can share any messages you've received from your child, so I can help you understand what to make of it, and advise you on how to respond.
  • You'll never have a question go unanswered! I will help you work through any challenge or opportunity.
  • Learn from other's experiences.  You’ll be on with other parents just like you, so you’ll hear my advice to them on their situation, and be able to apply it to yours as well.  You’ll be a part of a community of people who “get it.”
  • All calls are recorded. You'll never miss a second no matter what. All calls are recorded and emailed to you.
  • Easy for International Members. For members outside the US, you’ll get access without any international fees.

  • Call Archive: Audio Recording of previous coaching calls.

That’s ongoing, continuous advice and guidance from a child of parental alienation.

You will automatically be billed at $149/per month until you cancel.

•You can cancel anytime by clicking a button in your members area - you’re always in control! 

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Guidance Group Coaching $149.00 USD every 30 days. Cancel anytime.
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Sales Tax:
Due Now $149.00 USD

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