The biggest problems facing alienated parents...

Hi, I'm Ryan Thomas an alienated child who finally saw the truth and  reunited with my Dad after decades apart.

After working with alienated parents in over 25 countries the most common problems I see are that:

1- Most parents struggle with what actions (if any) they can take to make progress.

2 - They don’t know what TO say or NOT to say to change their child’s mind.

3 - Parents read books and get information, but they don’t have someone guiding them on what to do step-by-step.

Most troubling, many parents feel helpless and hopeless. They’ve become further victimized by a court system that seems to let them down, take forever and drain their money…while getting no closer to the relationship they crave.

The Solution...

Over the past 4+ years, as an alienated child who reunited after decades apart, I’ve made it my mission to help alienated parents get closer to reconnecting. By using my first-hand experience to help parents know how to reach their children, change their mind and make progress.

I’ve offered help through my free videos, online courses and academies, private coaching and more….

So, after a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided to open my entire library of strategies, tools, and guidance to parents, saving you thousands of dollars.

I’ve created a monthly program that allows me to coach you every single week with the actionable guidance you need most in the most affordable way possible!

So, if you want ME as your coach this year, I’m opening up Breakthrough Monthly to help you...and you can join for just $1 right now.

Access Weekly Coaching Videos from an Alienated Child, Starting Right Now for Just $1...

Introducing Ryan Thomas' Breakthrough Monthly

I wanted to find a way to give you on-going support and coaching affordably, and this monthly subscription is my solution for you!

Every week you'll receive a coaching video from me with in-depth, step-by-step strategies to make progress with your child. These are advanced strategies in how to communicate, how to give gifts, how to resolve conflict, and how to get your child to see you are a loving parent!

When you signup for BREAKTHROUGH MONTHLY, every month your members area fills up with these weekly coaching videos...creating a library of tools, strategies, and solutions to CHOOSE from.

(That probably sounds odd to you - that you'll have multiple solutions to choose from, since you are probably used to be confused, having no direction, and not sure if there is anything that can be done. The good news is that there are many strategies you can use to make progress!)

People have invested thousands to access these behind-the-scenes coaching strategies.

You get started right now for $1 during this 2-week trial.

For $1, you get access these 5 videos!

Foundation Training: What is a Breakthrough

Foundation Training: 3 Reasons Alienation is So Powerful

Foundation Video: Ryan & Dad Discuss PA & Reuniting

Week 1: 5 Ways to Communicate & How Often

Week 2: How to Write a Birthday Message

Then, you'll get a NEW coaching video from me EVERY week!

I can help guide you every step of the way each month towards making progress with your alienated child. Plus, you can go at your own pace. This is weekly coaching from me for a small fraction of my private coaching & academies.

 What's Included?

 For $1 now, you get access to 5 coaching videos. Then, as long as you stay with us after the 2 week trial period, you'll get automatically billed a discounted $49/month. That gets you weekly coaching videos every month. Cancel anytime!

Weekly Coaching Topics Include:

- How Often To Communicate & Exactly What to Say (And NOT Say)

- How to Give Gifts (What to Give, What to Say, How To Deliver Them.)

- How to Make Progress Even If the Child Lives with the Alienator

- Money & Parental Alienation (You are No Longer an ATM)

- Getting Your Child to Respond to You

- How to Talk with Professionals, Teachers & Others (Persuade Them)

- Leveraging Other Family Members to Create Progress

- Modifying Your Activities Based on Situation & Changes

- Using Social Media (Even If You’re Blocked)

- Why Saying “I Miss You” Doesn’t Work (And What to Say Instead)

- Complete Communication Roadmap to Follow

- Email & Texting Guidance

- “No Contact” Solutions

…and more!

Here's a Recap of Everything You Get in Breakthrough Monthly

Starting for $1 Right Now...

- 3 Foundational Training Videos 

- Weekly Coaching Videos

- (4) Videos Per Month

- Worksheets/Templates

- Mp3 Audio to Listen

After Your First Month You'll Receive:

BONUS #1: Access to Ryan's PRIVATE Facebook Community

BONUS #2: Full Interview Library of Ryan & His Dad Discussing PA & Their Relationship

BONUS #3: Parental Alienation Action Guide

So there it is:

1. I coach you every week with my BEST strategies that private clients have paid thousands for.

2. You get behind-the-scenes guidance from a child of parental alienation to show how to reach your child and make progress. 

3. You get access to a private community with other parents going through the same situation. 

And it all starts now, for just $1. 

Yes! Start my $1 Trial and get me started with 5 videos now!

$1 for a 2 week trial
$49/mo billed automatically after,
unless you cancel by clicking a button in your members area.

Weekly Coaching Videos Every Month, Starting Now for Just $1.

You're getting real-life, behind-the-scenes guidance on how to create a Breakthrough with your alienated child, from someone who's lived it! This valuable information is delivered to you every week, every month for a fraction of the cost. Start making progress now by getting started!

 $1 Trial of Breakthrough Monthly. Cancel Anytime

 For $1 now, you get access to 5 coaching videos. Then, as long as you stay with us after the 2 week trial period, you'll get automatically billed a discounted $49/month. That gets you weekly coaching videos every month. Cancel anytime!

Yes! Start my $1 Trial and get me started with 5 videos now!