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Agenda Topics

These are the Main Topics of the Day's Training:

New Language & Communication: Transform how you communicate with your child and create a brand new dialogue.

New Actions & Behaviors: Completely change how you engage with your child with new strategies to attract them to you.

High-Conflict Situations & Silence: New ways to depressurize negative situations, and what to do when your child rejects you or doesn't respond.

Building New Connections: Brand new ways to create a bond, maybe for the first time, or reminds a child of a bond that has been broken, that can be repaired.

REUNITE SUMMIT: 1-Day Online Seminar Event

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About Ryan Thomas

As a child of parental alienation who reunited after decades apart, Ryan now uses his experience to give behind-the-scenes, real-life strategies to help parents create breakthroughs with their children in over 25 countries.

Ryan is the other of several books including; SABOTAGED! and The Alienated Mind. He is the founder RECONNECT Academy, a 6-Week comprehensive online program that help parents discover new tools to make progress. Ryan is also the creator of RyanThomasTV.com an online TV network that features shows on overcoming adversity, improving communication, creating breakthroughs, personal growth, and family and relationship advice.

Ryan’s goal is that we as individuals no longer be victims of anything, and instead become the best versions of ourselves no matter the circumstances.

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