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The Reconnect Academy is the world's most comprehensive program to beat parental alienation and reconnect with your child. You'll from an adult child of parental alienation who discover the truth and reunited. Ryan is helping save parent-child relationships in over 25 countries with his behind-the-scenes insights and real-life strategies.

Enroll Now and Receive:

* 6 Weeks of New Strategies, Techniques, and Action Plans to Help Reconnect with Your Child ($5,382 value).
You’ll receive training from an alienated child who reunited on what to say or do to get closer to help save the relationship with your child. You’ll gain access to your RECONNECT BLUEPRINT with step-by-step strategies to follow. An entire COMMUNICATION ROADMAP telling you exactly what to say, how to say it, and how often. Learn the variety of ACCEPTANCE TRIGGERS you can use to help your child be more open to you. In your NEW BEHAVIOR PLAYBOOK, you’ll be guided on new actions that will surprise your child draw you closer. You’ll also feel more confident as you discover CONFLICT CRUSHERS that will depressurize stress and allow you to respond completely differently than you ever have before. Finally, there’s an entire module on RELATIONSHIP ACCELERATORS which helps strengthen and deepen your relationship, regardless of how fractured it currently is. Each week has hours of videos, includes worksheets, templates and scripts to turn this knowledge into action. When you enroll, you’ll receive 24/7 LIFETIME ACCESS and you can watch on any device.

* BONUS 1: “Parental Alienation Deconstructed” Course ($397 value).
 In this foundational training, you’ll discover how parental alienation works, why it’s so hard to detect, how your child’s mind has been manipulated, and why they think THEY are making the decisions, when they clearly are not. Plus, you’ll get Ryan’s first-hand perspective and behind-the-scenes information that you can’t get anywhere else.

* BONUS 2: Ryan’s “Acceptance Accelerator’s” Course ($197 value) 
This online course details the most essential elements you need to accelerate your acceptance with strategies YOU CAN USE to affect change in your child. It’s insight that can only be shared from a child that’s gone-through alienation and discovered the truth. Ryan is including this course as a bonus to signing up TODAY. 

* BONUS 3: “Holiday’s Milestones & Events” Course + Book + Workbook + Audio Book ($197 value). 
 This training helps alienated families cope while everyone else is celebrating the holidays, milestones, and events that you’re cut out of. Ryan gives you real-life, practical strategies to get through these situations, create alternate ideas to reach your child, and how to actually use these events to put yourself in a better position in the future. This is a MUST have if you’re an alienated parent, especially if other family members are shut out as well. 

* BONUS 4: “After Reconnecting” Online Course ($297 Value).
 Learn advanced training once you start making progress with your child. When you see improvements, it’s easy to make mistakes by being “excited” or to be so afraid to “make a mistake” you miss an important opportunity to build momentum. Ryan walks you through exactly how to make the most of your situation.

* BONUS 5: “Reunite Summit” 1-Day Event Full Recording + Workbook ($597 value).
 This is Ryan’s ALL DAY EVENT where he taught from the stage non-stop! This full recording includes all of his trainings, exercises, and guests - including other parents who have had breakthroughs. You’ll get the entire recording, broken up into easy-to-watch segments anytime you want!

YOU Have More Control Than You Think! While Ryan can of course make NO Guarantees, this program is designed to give YOU new strategies, new ideas, new techniques, and new ways to communicate with your child. It’s meant to give you some power and control over how you “show up” in your life and situation. Whether this program is right for you or not, remember you always have choices and there is always hope.




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