Reconnecting Essentials Toolkit

Get the essentials on what you must know RIGHT NOW to start reconnecting with your alienated child! Packed with ready-to-use action steps.

Reconnecting Essentials Toolkit

 * 3 Module Online Course
 * Hours of Video Content                                                                          
 * Brainstorm Worksheets
 * 24/7 LIFETIME Access
 * Available on Any Device

MODULE #1: How Your Child is Controlled
What you NEED to know about how your child thinks.

MODULE #2: How to Out-Smart the Alienator
Knowing their plays and beating them.

* MODULE #3: Action Steps to Reach Your Child
Get control by having strategies & tactics to reconnect

BONUS: Holiday's Milestones & Events 7-Day Online Program    Includes: Book + Workbook + Audiobook

Reconnecting ESSENTIALS Toolkit

$397.00 USD